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Your Festive Feasts Starts With An Awesome Apron

Your Festive Feasts Starts With An Awesome Apron

@saveurmag says “And we’re not just talking #Thanksgiving! Celebrating Diwali? Loi Krathong? Hanukkah? Holidays are a time for feasts and we want them all.” And they are right. Holidays are a time for sharing food with your nearest and dearest.

So whether you are eating food, cooking food or both, Christmas is extremely closely connected with food for most people. And even if you are not the head chef on Christmas Day, you will probably be spending a lot of time in the kitchen helping in some way. 

The act of sharing food is something so special that it is deeply embedded in what it means to be human. There is evidence of the “sharing of food [having always been] part of the human story. From Qesem Cave near Tel Aviv comes evidence of ancient meals prepared at a 300,000-year-old hearth, the oldest ever found, where diners gathered to eat together”. 

That’s why this time we’re looking at how to make your festive feast even more fabulous. 

SolinoHome Table Linen

2020 has seen people rediscovering their kitchens due to the global pandemic and the food that people have been turning to is bread, the staff of life and “in all its various forms, is the most widely consumed food in the world”. Humans have been baking bread for at least 30,000 years. For the French, bread is so important to “national identity that people considered it to be a public service”. No wonder then that in times of panic, we turn to that food item that most speaks to our innermost selves. 

If you have been baking for years or if you are one of 2020’s newest chefs, then this year, your must-have Christmas present is a new apron. It’s the perfect item that you know you knead to have in 2021. And if you aren’t a whizz in the kitchen, then it is the ideal gift for that special someone who loves cooking up a storm. 

We have two different aprons - our Linen Apron at $29.99 is available in twelve different colors, so there’s something for everyone’s kitchen no matter the colour scheme. Or there’s the simpler Bistro Apron at $24.99, which comes in four different colours. Both are made out of 100% pure linen and are machine washable. They can also be ironed as needed to keep them looking like new. 

Our linen aprons are handcrafted by craftsmen from 100% European flax, so you know that not only are you making your special someone happy this Christmas, you are also protecting the planet by shunning materials like polyester. 

So get ready to impress this Christmas by treating that special someone to something that they will love and use for years. Everyone loves a practical present that will make them think of you when they use it. What’s more, it will also help to keep your Christmas Day outfit spick and span!

Explore our site to discover more incredible ideas for 100% pure linen Christmas presents. 



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