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Afraid to mix and match tableware patterns? Here’s your foolproof guide to getting it right!
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Afraid to mix and match tableware patterns? Here’s your foolproof guide to getting it right!

It’s so lovely when you find a tableware pattern or color that speaks to you. It’s even more lovely when you find several that you can’t seem to look away from. But, this can also pose a little bit of a problem — how to mix and match these tableware pieces in a way that is beautiful, elegant and purposeful. However, showcasing your own style and flair to the table is a way to connect with your guests — so bring on the expressions!

Anchor Down: While you may want to have a rainbow across your table, starting with an anchor color is best. This color should be seen throughout the table; perhaps it begins with your linens and then accents of the same color are pulled through in your tableware and glassware. Keep in mind, you don’t have to use the same shade of your anchor color through the entirety of your tablescape; in fact, mixing up shades brings a bit of texture and excitement to the table. Using an anchor color will also allow for stacking patterns on top of each other for a more formal dinner party, but will still allow for a cohesive look.

Capri Sky Blue and White Stripes

Go Neutral: If you’re using an intricate pattern or a variety of colors, adding in a neutral keeps it from looking too busy and more uniform. Use neutral table linens in the same anchor color to allow a patterned plate to pop; use a neutral plate in between a patterned charger and salad plate; or choose neutral glassware instead of colored or patterned for the occasion. Or, choose a neutrally colored centerpiece, whether floral, candles or fruit. This will ensure the visual impact is strong, but will not take away from the playful patterns and colors you want to show off.

Time matters: Having a daytime event? Mixing and matching patterns that are bright and light (like mosaics and bright florals) is the perfect vibe. In the evening, however, it’s a bit more mood-driven, bringing a more alluring atmosphere to the dining room. Darker, less complicated patterns (large florals or jewel tones are lovely options) are perfect for a nighttime dinner party. Use a hint of metallic in glassware or flatware if hosting a very formal affair.




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