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About Us

If we could make every space a beautiful, relaxing abode, we would. With Solino Home, we’ve made a start. Driven by passion, we combine our love for natural fabrics with a team of skilled craftsmen to bring you exquisite home textiles made with pure linen. Inspired by the magical properties and rich history of the fabric, we work with a wide color palette and pay close attention to little details to create timeless pieces that fit into contemporary living.

The Solino Home Philosophy

We bring together the two things that matter most to us – finest quality European linen and expert craftsmanship. From there on, every single detail is looked into with utmost care whether it’s research for our collections, picking unique color palettes or our thoughtful, simple packaging that allows for easy storage and gifting. We believe in crafting home textiles that are easy to care for, are delightfully durable and always accessible. At Solino Home, we constantly collaborate with those that make us better – designers, architects and our valuable customers.


Why We’re ‘The Linen People’

One of the world’s oldest known fabrics, Linen was used for everything from currency to making sails thousands of years ago. Today, this natural fabric is widely appreciated for its versatility, breathability and sustainability given its minimal requirements for water and added chemicals.

Considered one of the most natural and durable fabrics in the world, linen has always made us feel special. Sturdy but breathable, timeless yet incredibly sophisticated, luxurious but soothing, linen fits effortlessly into the scheme of classic comfort as well as modern minimalism. 

Linen is distinctive in more than one way – every wash and every wrinkle lends it its distinct character. When ironed, it adds to a space with its crisp, luxurious look. Left as is, it converts any space into a natural and relaxed one.  As linen ages it gets softer and its drape, more lustrous. So much so, that it is tradition in many European countries to pass on things made with linen from one generation to the next. The beauty of it is that it only gets better with time, making it one of the most easy-to-maintain and elegant textiles you can adorn your space with. At Solino Home, we want to make you fall in love with linen the way we have.

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