Solino Home 100% pure linen is a beautiful, natural fabric that becomes softer and more relaxed after each wash. It also becomes more luxurious with time and use.

Each piece is expertly woven using the finest materials and with the proper care will grace your home for years to come.

 Machine wash cold, gentle cycle.
Do not use chlorine bleach on linen.
Tumble dry on low heat, remove promptly from dryer when slightly damp and air-dry by laying linens flat or hanging. Avoid medium or high heat.
 No iron is necessary. Enjoy the inherent natural creases, wrinkles, and relaxed characteristics of 100% pure linen. If you love to iron and prefer a crisp look, iron away using a steam iron! 
Dry Clean using solvents that do not contain trichloroethylene.


Fabric Softeners: No and no. We do not recommend using fabric softeners on linen (liquid or dryer sheets), as they can cause discoloration of the fabric and can weaken the fibers. Fabric softeners are not essential since the real beauty of linen is, it softens naturally with every wash, giving it a wonderful heirloom feel.


What We Love

At Solino Home, we love everything about linen, its weight, texture, and luxurious hand. Every wash and every wrinkle lend itself to distinct character. When ironed, linen acquires a crisp, luxurious look. Left as is, it’s natural and relaxed. As linen ages it gets softer and its drape, more lustrous. So much so, that it is tradition in many European countries to pass on things made with linen from one generation to the next. The real beauty of it is, it betters with age, time, washings, and use, making it one of the most easy-to-maintain and elegant textiles you can have in your home.

We hope you’ll fall in love with our linen as much as we have.