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Why Linen Loves Velvet - 2021’s Top Interior Design Trend

Why Linen Loves Velvet - 2021’s Top Interior Design Trend

It must be the contrast of the rich sumptuous velvet with its luxurious drapes and folds against the natural simplicity of pristine linen that makes all our hearts heave with desire. Here at Solino Home HQ we’re very familiar with all of the wonderful ways you can integrate linen into your home’s interiors.

We’ve been delighted to discover that 2021 will see a huge resurgence in demand for linen because it will be so in vogue (did it ever go out of style?!). What makes linen so fashionable and why it keeps trending is that it is such a timeless and versatile fabric. 2021 will see linen being paired with velvet, all over the homes of the rich and famous. Read on to find out how you can get a little slice of the luxe life by using linen and velvet in your home.

Interior Design Trend


Velvet has been enjoying a moment in the fashion world’s sun for a few years now and it doesn’t look like it will be going into the shade any time soon. In fact, velvet’s popularity is only increasing year on year as more companies latch on to how beautiful it looks as a fabric to wear, or to use for home furnishings. The key to using velvet artfully and tastefully is layering it with other textiles and fabrics, or to add a dramatic explosion of it to a room with one key piece like a statement velvet chair. To help you intertwine linen and velvet around your home, we have looked at the rooms where the two fabrics look incredible together. 


Using Linen and Velvet in your Living Room 

To make the most of your velvet and to really show it off to its best, you should layer it with other fabrics and textiles. Your living room should be “a masterclass in layering, with textiles in different patterns and textures covering the sofas and cushions”. If you have already jumped on the velvet bandwagon by buying a velvet armchair or sofa, then you can quickly add contrast with pristine, neat linen throw cushions. Linen curtains dress windows perfectly and look outstanding with splashes of rich velvets and crisp linens throughout the room. Our Lightweight Linen Curtain – 100% European Flax, Rod Pocket Window Panel ($49.99 – $89.99) is available in 9 different colors meaning that there is something for every color scheme. 

They look even more fabulous when placed alongside thick velvet curtains. We particularly love the contrast of deep blue velvet curtains next to crisp white linen curtains. It’s a great look that never goes out of style. Classic Blue was Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2020 and we think we’ll still be seeing much more of this shade over the coming months as it really is a classic shade. 


Using Linen and Velvet in your Dining Room 

Dining rooms are the perfect room in which to showcase how well velvet and linen interplay. Beautifully upholstered velvet dining chairs add “glamour”. The opulent look is then completed with a linen tablecloth or a linen table runner and linen napkins.


Using Linen and Velvet in your Bedroom 

Mixing up velvet with other fabrics like linen, wool and cotton with Mongolian Sheepskin cushions and other dramatic textures creates the ideal conduit through which you can introduce velvet to your room’s scheme. Linen bedding, like our Bedding range (available in 3 different colors), works perfectly against a velvet headboard. Finish the look with velvet throw cushions, which create a comfortable, sophisticated and elegant boudoir that you can’t wait to retreat to at the end of the day. 

Explore the rest of our site to see the rest of our stunningly sumptuous linen products, all of which would work brilliantly alongside rich, dramatic velvets. 



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