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How To Build A Spritz Bar That’s Perfect For Spring Gatherings

How To Build A Spritz Bar That’s Perfect For Spring Gatherings

When the weather gets warmer, the cocktails get lighter. And, the best way to lighten up any drink is to add some effervescence! Turning even the strongest of liquors into something light and playful is the spritz, perfect for drinking solo, for starting dinner parties or for sipping on during an elegant cocktail party. And, if you’re hosting, building a spritz bar is a fun way to get guests involved and creative, while it prevents you from playing bartender all night! 


Add bubbly: The first step to the perfect spritz bar? The bubbles, of course! This is where you can pick your favorite style — Cava, Prosecco, Crémant or Champagne — to top your spritz with. While it may be impressive to use an expensive bottle, keep in mind that you will be mixing this with juices and boozy choices, so it can really work with any budget. For spritzes, you will want to keep in mind that you will get about eight drinks per bottle, so plan accordingly so that your guests are never left dry. Not drinking? A bit of club soda and some distillates, like Seedlip, can let guests build the mocktail of their dreams.

Mix and match: Now, it’s time for the magic of building the cocktail. Add juices, syrups and liqueurs to the bar and watch things get exciting. While orange juice for a mimosa and Aperol for an Aperol spritz are must-have basics, this is the time where you and your guests can get super creative. Add St-Germain liqueur, Galliano Autentico, Limoncello, and Pimms for a little something different. Then, bring in flavored simple syrups like mint, lavender or even ginger and let guests create their own signature cocktail. As for juices, blood orange, cranberry and pineapple are perfect accompaniments to spritz drinks — and while store bought is OK, freshly squeezed is best to impress.

Garnishes: A spritz bar is not complete without an assortment or garnishes! Make it easy and slice up some fresh fruit to sit on the rim of the glass; bring in some aromatic green herbs; thinly slice a cucumber and place it around the inside of the glass; or go a little more bold and make fun floral shapes from strawberries or fresh berry kabobs. Let guests pick their own and watch the room light up with compliments.

 Personal touches: It’s always great to add a personal touch to any sort of gathering. For a spritz party, you may want to print several recipes so guests can have a little courage to build their own drink. Or, have a signature spritz cocktail recipe personalized and printed, so everyone has a framable keepsake from the party — and a recipe they can use again and again!



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