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The Perfect Tablecloth Size Made Easy!

The Perfect Tablecloth Size Made Easy!

The date has been picked. The theme has been percolating in your head. And now, you have to pick out the perfect table linens to make your vision come to life. But how do you know which size to get? Where should the tablecloth fall? Well, we’re taking the stress out of it with a few simple ways to ensure your tablescape will look exquisite, no matter the occasion. 

Things you should consider:

When measuring for a tablecloth, you will need to ensure your table is extended to the size you will be entertaining at. So, any leaves you will be using, make sure they’re in before measuring!

You will also have to determine how much drama you would like in your drop. Are you looking for a slight hang from your tablecloth or will you want more of a floor-length look? That said, a 8-to 15-inch drop should be perfect for most events, formal or casual. However, a good rule of thumb to follow: More casual events should have a shorter length tablecloth while a long, dramatic drop is usually reserved for formal events.


How to measure:

While this may seem like the most stressful part, once you get the technique down, it will be smooth sailing! With this simple calculation, you’ll be able to get it right every time.


For a square/rectangle table: 

  • Measure the length of your table
  • Measure the width of your table
  • Add the desired drop inches twice.
    (Example: 10 inch drop + 10 inch drop = 20 inch drop)
  • Calculate the following: Length of table +double drop; Width of table + double drop

    For a round/oval table:

    • Measure the diameter of your table
    • Add the desired drop inches twice
    • Calculate the following: Diameter of table +double drop



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