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The Health Benefits Of Linen Bedding

The Health Benefits Of Linen Bedding

There are lots of reasons to switch over to linen bedding, but if you aren’t sleeping well then it could be the answer to your nocturnal tossing and turning. There are lots of things that can disturb your sleep. Mentally, worry and anxiety can keep you awake and there are also physical conditions that can keep you awake. For women, menopause can often cause disturbed sleep due to night sweats as a result of menopausal temperature fluctuations. For both men and women there are health conditions and even medical treatments that can cause night sweats. Of course, there is also just the fact that in the summer on long, hot, sultry nights it can be difficult to drift off when you are dripping with perspiration. For all of those sleep-disrupting problems, the solution is the same: invest in linen bedding. Read on to find out why buying linen bedding should be at the top of your shopping list.  

health benefits of linen bedding

We have already covered all of the reasons that might be making you all hot and bothered at night, but we haven’t said why linen will help you get a decent night’s sleep. 

Everyone can wake up a little sticky during the summer months, but people suffering from night sweats can often wake in the middle of the night to find themselves and their bedding absolutely drenched. If this is a familiar story for you, then the answer is close at hand. Did you know that linen is antimicrobial? That means that the spread of microorganisms, bacteria, viruses and fungi is radically slowed. If you are sweating at night due to the menopause, anxiety or medical treatment, you might be changing your bedding more than used to. By switching over to linen sheets you will be saving yourself a lot of time and effort. Using linen bedding will mean that you won’t need to change your bedding as often as you might have been due to its antimicrobial properties. This means that it smells fresher for longer and is kind to your skin.

If you aren’t suffering from extreme night sweats, but you are waking up because you are too hot, the answer might also be switching to linen. Materials like polyester and nylon are less breathable than linen and 100% cotton which means that they can contribute to making you feel hot and clammy. Linen allows your skin to breathe meaning that your body can better regulate temperature. It’s also a fast-drying fabric and is kind to your skin. 

If you suffer from any skin conditions, like eczema or psoriasis then linen might also be the solution to your itching and irritation. Using fabrics that allow your skin to breathe could see your condition significantly improve. Linen, it doesn’t just look good, it is good.  



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