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The Best Ways To Store Your Linens

The Best Ways To Store Your Linens

When it’s time to refresh your space, de-cluttering is the first thing to do. It makes everything else seem a bit easier to navigate and is an instant pick-me-up! But how do you store your linens so you can keep them ready to use at a moment’s notice? Here are several ways to store your linens so they are ready to use when needed.

First things first: Clean, Press And Fold

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There is nothing worse than taking out your favorite holiday tablecloth just to realize it has a stain on it from last year. Or pulling out linen napkins in a pinch that end up being very wrinkled and not appropriate to put out for guests! Cleaning, pressing, and folding your linens will help combat these issues and make sure you have your best wares at the ready - even when you have last-minute guests!

  • Clean your linens according to the directions. While some can be placed into the washing machine, others need to be hand washed with a bit of care.
  • Iron or steam your linens so they don’t store wrinkly
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Pick Your Container

If you are putting your linens away in a closet, first things first: Check out the space in which you will be storing them (under the bed? On a shelf in the laundry room?) and then select the container. Baskets or flat plastic containers are two great options, as is a linen store box. Whatever storage method chosen, fold the linens so that they fit inside snuggly. This will prevent wrinkling and creasing, especially for napkins. You may also want to use acid-free tissue paper if you are stacking your linens in one storage box, as it will help preserve the color.

Hanging Tight

One of the easiest ways to store linens is to hang them in a spare closet using a coated blanket hanger. Not only does this tactic help to keep the linens looking a lot less wrinkly, but it also makes for an easy way to organize. Use labels to coordinate linen collections by season; color-coordinate your closet space; or divide linens into type (table runner, tablecloth, napkins, etc.) to store accordingly. Whatever makes grabbing your linens a breeze!

Small Space Hang Hack

For apartment or small space living, this is a great way to put your linens away without taking up much space. Attach a towel rod (or several, depending on how many sets you have!) to the back of a closet or pantry door. Then hang your favorite table linens on it and voila! You have easy storage. 

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Things To Keep In Mind

No matter how you choose to store your linens, ensuring they are in a cool, dry place is necessary, as is keeping them out of direct sunlight. This will keep them beautiful and colorful for years to come. Don’t store in a wooden chests or drawers, and stay away from plastic boxes, as these will damage your linens.



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