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Study Shows Tomato Soup Tastes Better Served on a Tablecloth

Study Shows Tomato Soup Tastes Better Served on a Tablecloth

It sounds crazy right? But the University of Hohenheim in Germany carried out a study and found that different factors in your immediate surroundings impact your dining experience. They found these factors change the amount you eat, the time it takes, and how you taste it. 

The people who participated ate more, ate longer, and rated their sensory factors higher in quality. 

The study changed the lighting and other factors to test their theory. 

A tablecloth had a bigger effect on the participants' experience than lighting conditions. Crazy, but true, a tablecloth can make your food taste better and it looks stylish. 

Linen Tablecloth

Not a great cook?

If you’re planning on cooking a nice meal for someone special but you’re not that great a chef, then you can use a tablecloth and they’ll think it tastes better than it does! Be warned, you might be expected to make them dinner again.


Eat healthier

It’s also a great way to eat healthier. Don’t like broccoli? You will if it’s on a tablecloth. 


The best fabric for tablecloths

If you’re convinced a tablecloth is the way to go, then a linen tablecloth is the perfect choice. Linen is a natural material so it’s environmentally friendly. It’s durable, less expensive than other fabrics, yet looks a million dollars. 

It is a simple and elegant style that suits any interior. 


Different styles of linen tablecloths

You may think of linen as being simple and in neutral colors, but linen comes in many beautiful shades. From stonewashed colors, charcoal greys, to checks, and floral designs. Try a square linen tablecloth or a rectangle shape.


How else can you dress your table?

Along with your linen tablecloth you can use linen table placemats or napkins. A linen table setting looks expensive, chic, and classically sophisticated. @ArtistCastro said it beautifully when he tweeted, “A white tablecloth with white dishes always seem to make the meal more impressive, and the white linen napkin to wipe my mouth more special.”

A linen table runner makes for stylish table décor for garden parties or weddings. You can keep the runner as a keepsake after your wedding and use it in your home to remind you of your special day. 


How to maintain your tablecloth

Linen is easy to keep. Simply place it in the washing machine. The more you wash it, the softer it gets. You can keep the crinkles in it or use the steam option on your iron for a smooth finish. 


Tablecloth size chart

There’s a wide range of sizes to suit any table. You want to make sure it drapes elegantly over all the corners but is not too long. The ideal length is around halfway between your table and the floor. 

Next time you sit down to eat, whether it’s just your normal dinner or a special occasion, take out your linen tablecloth to make everything taste better.


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