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How To Have The Perfect Pamper Night At Home

How To Have The Perfect Pamper Night At Home

With people being resigned to their homes over the last twelve months, everyone has got used to recreating a whole lot of experiences that we once outsourced to someone else. One of those experiences that people have been desperately trying to recreate at home is the luxe spa trip. Even @voguemagazine has tweeted about at home spa rituals “The first time I used it, I said, I feel like my face has never been clean before,’” @regimedesfleurs’s Alia Raza sounds off on the at-home exfoliating peel that beats a trip to the spa”.

We’re sure that everyone has applied an indulgent, skin revitalising face mask at home at some point in their lives, but maybe you haven’t gone further than that before? After living through 12 years of a global health crisis, we are all very used to a few DIY beauty treatments and what “was once considered a luxury has now become a huge part of our wellness routine”. Read on to find out how to create the perfect pamper night at home. 

skin revitalising

The success of a DIY pamper night at home hinges on the thought that you put into the preparation. You can keep things simple of course. Run a bath, put on a spa playlist of soothing tunes, light a candle, have a peppermint tea to hand, then lie in the tub with a face mask on. Or you can go the whole hog and make your own scrubs and moisturising face masks and even slice cucumber to cool your eyes. Not only is enjoying some ‘me time’ by relaxing with a face mask good for your wellbeing, but there are actually stress-relieving benefits to the prep that goes into your relaxing night off.

Once you have set up your home spa in your bathroom, what should you do to make your night perfect? Dry brushing is an incredibly potent exercise that helps your body to detox by sweeping away dead skin cells to improve the appearance of the skin. It’s an easy to complete exercise that you can do by yourself at home by following this simple process of using a “natural-bristle brush to gently but firmly brush your skin in long strokes toward your heart, usually going over each area two or three times”.

Then apply your face mask, homemade or store bought. While it soaks into your skin, relax by listening to your spa tunes. Treat your hair by applying a conditioning hair mask. After all that, once you’ve removed your mask, step out of the tub and wrap yourself up in one of Solino Home’s sumptuous linen towels. Available in light natural and white as hand towels ($29.99) and bath towels ($33.99), our linen towels are all handcrafted by skilled artisans out of European Flax. They are all easy to look after as they are machine washable, low iron as needed, or you can steam iron them for a sharp, crisp look. Linen towels stay fresher for longer by quickly absorbing moisture and because they are anti-microbial, they’ll make you feel even cleaner after your long soak. 

Follow this by applying some hydrating, plumping or moisturizing lip balm and a relaxing full body massage with some rich lotion. Finish by climbing into bed and giving yourself a calming hand massage with your favorite hand cream. You could even massage your feet with a foot lotion too. This feels even nicer if you know you won’t be getting back out of bed until the morning! 

Let us know how perfect your pamper night was and how many of our tips you followed to bring your at home spa experience to life on Facebook @SolinoHome or Instagram



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