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How to Have the Perfect Guest Room

How to Have the Perfect Guest Room

Getting your house ready for guests coming can be exciting. Not only are you looking forward to seeing them, but you get to do a little creative décor design too.

Think about the kind of things they would love to find in a bedroom – the type of fancy little touches you find in a five-star hotel. Ok, you may not be able to splash out on the latest TV and movie packages, but there are other far more important touches you can make which will make your guests feel super comfortable.


Brilliant bed linen

A comfortable bed is top of the list. And we don’t just mean the base and box spring or memory foam mattress – it’s the bed linen that is key here. Linen sheets are a fabulous, comfortable all-year-round solution. The material will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter with a fleece blanket or similar thrown on top.

Make sure too that there is an extra set of linens in the room that they can change if they spill anything on the sheets (it wouldn’t be the first time).


Terrific towels

The same goes for towels – find the most luxurious and comfortable you can find. That can be big fluffy white bath sheets or quality linen bath towels. Matching sets – face cloth, face towel and bath sheet - look lovely arranged together. 

Provide too many, rather than too few towels to make the bathroom feel really sumptuous.


Set out snacks

Another area where luxury hotels do well is in setting out snacks for guests. Your own visitors might have had quite a journey and would love a cookie, chips and a drink when they finally arrive – without bothering you. UK hotels regularly have a small kettle and the choice of tea or coffee sachets and milk for guests.


Lighten up

Make sure there are bedside reading lamps at either side of the double bed. You won’t know what side the reader (if there is on) will be sleeping on so this way you’re covered. It’s nice too to just sit with ambient lighting on at night, rather than an overhead light. It means your guests don’t have to stumble around an unfamiliar room to switch the overhead lights off either.


Tidy up tray

Lay out a little tray – or several - on a dressing or side table where guests can put their keys, spare coins, jewellery and other little essentials. This is far better for them than having to scatter items around the room (being in an unfamiliar home they won’t have a regular place to put things). With all the items in the one place it makes them far easier – and less frustrating - to find too.

@maxwelltielman says: “A reading lamp and an alarm clock are nightstand essentials, but think about adding a few trays to corral loose items like wallets, change, glasses, and keys.”

Take a look around our website from more ideas on how you can bring linen into your home to add a little or a lot of luxury.



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