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How to have the best bath this winter

How to have the best bath this winter

December 5th saw National Bathtub Party Day and it put all of us at Solino Home HQ in the mood for a lovely, long soak. If you celebrated this little-known but obviously very special occasion, then many happy returns of the day! If you’re wondering about the best way to (belatedly) celebrate National Bathtub Party Day then look no further!

@NationalDayCal had some great ideas. They said “The best way to celebrate #BathtubPartyDay is in the evening with soft music, a glass of wine, bath salts, and definitely some peace and quiet. It if it was a particularly difficult one, maybe the entire bottle of wine.” However, if you are looking for some ideas that don’t involve consuming any alcohol, or at least quite so much, read on.

solino home bath towels

Aside from the obvious things like taking a glass of wine into the bathroom to help you unwind, what else can you do to have the best bath this winter

Sensuous bath oils, whether added to your bath water or rubbed into your skin afterwards, are the secret ingredient if you want to take your bath time to the next level. There are blends in a huge range of aromas meaning that there is something for every palate. You can choose a blend to invigorate you, relax you, or soothe and heal aching muscles.

We all know how extremely powerful music is. It can make us feel happy, sad, relaxed, nostalgic, angry or hopeful. Choosing some music that speaks to your heart the next time you are running the tub could be the best thing you ever did for your bath time routine. 

Who doesn’t love a candle? Well, there’s a new (technically old) mindfulness technique on the block that could be the perfect bath time activity. Candle meditation is a way of settling your mind and narrowing your “attention to experience profound insight and focus”. It might well have been around for thousands of years but not many people have tried it. Give it a go the next time you are soaking in the bath. After that, just lie back and enjoy your bath with your favourite toiletries and a good book.

For us, one of the best things about having a fabulously long and indulgent bath is the feeling of being squeaky clean afterwards. With our linen bath towels, that sparkling clean sensation is even better. Linen towels are incredible, not just because they are lightweight making them ideal for when you are traveling or going to the gym, but because they are also antimicrobial. 

We also have a range of linen hand towels, meaning that you can kit out your whole bathroom with our soothing 100% natural pure linen. Like the larger bath towels, our linen hand towels are also antimicrobial, making them the ideal gym or yoga companion to mop your brow when you are working out. And in these days of heightened health and safety concerns, knowing that you are doing what you can to stay clean and healthy provides huge peace of mind. 

They also look brilliant and because they are fast drying too, you don’t have the nuisance of wet towels lying around taking ages to dry after your bath. Explore our range of Solino Home linen now and make your home your haven.



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