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Why Linen Is Perfect For Curtains
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Why Linen Is Perfect For Curtains

When making the choice to purchase new curtains for the home, there are so many choices! And not just style, either: Curtains come in so many different types of fabric, how do you know which one is best? Yes, it’s about the way curtains pull the theme of the room together, but they also have to be worth the investment. So, why are linen curtains worth the spend? We’ll tell you why linen is perfect for curtains.

Pure Linen Curtain

No pills: Nothing is more frustrating than cleaning curtains according to the instructions and still getting pills scattered throughout. That’s not something you will have to worry about with linen curtains, as they don’t pill. Since linen is a natural fiber, it tends to shed throughout its life, eliminating pilling. Even better? As linen ages, it tends to look better than it does upon first use. It also continues to soften after every wash.

Color stays: While sunshine is glorious, it has the ability to change color when fabric is exposed to it often and over time. Linen, however, is a great choice for curtains as it is UV-resistent. This means that even though these curtains are the home’s first line of defense from the sun, the color won’t fade over time, protecting your investment. Linen curtains allow for spaces to stay well-lit but it helps filter direct UV rays from the sun. It also has a stay-cool quality to it and won’t trap heat in the summer. Not only will the linen make the home look cool and breezy, but it will also help the home stay cool, too.

Linen Curtain

Allergy-free: When looking for a curtain choice that takes allergens in account, there is really no other better choice than linen. Why? Linen is a hypoallergenic material, so it won’t cause those allergies to flare up. They’re also easy to clean and care for, so dust and other indoor allergens won’t have much time to make a home in the curtains. It also absorbs moisture without growing bacteria, so no mold here!

Sustainable choice: While there are so many other great things about linen curtains, the fact that it is a sustainable option for the home should make it the top reason to invest. Naturally-occurring, linen is biodegradable and can be recycled at the end of its life.



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