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Great Interior Design Pieces to Celebrate The 4th of July

Great Interior Design Pieces to Celebrate The 4th of July

Next month is, of course, Independence Day. And there is absolutely no harm at all in getting organised right now with your star-spangled décor for this special Sunday.

Celebrating such a day is a ‘must’ for most Americans. That’s because it’s really the day America was born. It was on the Fourth of July 1776 that the Declaration of Independence, drafted by Thomas Jefferson, was signed by the Continental Congress. It meant the country was separating from British rule and starting anew.

So, to help you celebrate US-style, we’ve come up with a great list of ideas to decorate your home. That’s if you haven’t already started...

Festive table linen

Make your Fourth of July meal really special by laying down celebratory table linen. That means using red, white and blue for your table runner, table cloth, place mat and napkins. Add the same colours for napkin holders, the salt and pepper shaker etc. 

Flag it up

Nothing wrong with hanging a huge US flag on Independence Day. In fact, it’s pretty much the ‘done thing’ here in the US. Hang it out on the porch or above the dinner table. For a dramatic look, get a series of US flags and hang them along the hallway on both sides. Walking through them makes you feel all patriotic. 

If you don’t fancy hanging up a big flag, then how about some US stars and stripes-styled bunting? Hang it around the table, doorway or along the front of the porch.

Wreath it 

These days there are wreaths around for just about every occasion –and the Fourth of July is definitely one of them. And you don’t have to use flowers or ribbons to decorate them either. We spotted a wreath made from flip-flops, believe it or not.

Other easy Fourth of July décor ideas

Food. It’s so easy to add Independence Day décor to your table. You can, for instance, serve up little white bowls filled with strawberries and blueberries and a blob of white cream or yoghurt.

Wind spinners. Sit little blue, red and white wind spinners at places in the lawn leading up to the front door, or in the backyard if you’re eating outside BBQ-style.

Fairy lights. Who doesn’t have fairy lights in their yard or on the porch these days? Solar lights in particular are so popular they’re practically ubiquitous. Buy a set of red, white and blue lights and string them up on the outside of the house. They’ll look fab lit up as the sun goes down.

Lollipop topiary. Make a patriotic and eye-catching topiary of lollipops sitting in a silver bucket to keep the kids happy. Says Brandy Nelson

@GluesticksBlog:I can guarantee that if you bring this lollipop topiary to your next gathering that it will be the hit of the party! A quick and easy lollipop topiary made in about 10 minutes.”

Looking for beautiful, quality table linen for your Independence Day dinner décor? Then take a look at our website today.



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