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Gift Guide for a Linen Anniversary

Gift Guide for a Linen Anniversary

In case you weren’t already aware, or you’ve just recently tied the knot and all this is new to you lovebirds – your Linen Anniversary is the fourth year of married bliss. 

Yes, in terms of what those wedded years stand for, your first year anniversary is traditionally paper, cotton is for year two and leather is the go-to fabric for year three. 

Come year four you will no doubt be used to one another, not to mention each other’s ‘cute’ little ways. But, hopefully you’re still feeling romantic and playful enough to give each other some cool gifts to celebrate the occasion. And really, why wouldn’t you? It’s fun and that silver, gold and diamond anniversary is just way too long to wait for. Enjoy the moment, is what we say.

Anyhow, if you are prepared to go all out for that fourth linen anniversary but are a bit unsure about what to get your other half, then below is a helpful list of linen gift ideas to prompt your thinking. But first, take heed from the writers @Cosmopolitan: “Enter the 4th-anniversary present. It might not be the most challenging one (that’s the 6th anniversary: Iron!), but it’s still a tricky one to get right even if you know your partner really well.”

Framed Song lyrics

If you both have a special song then why not have the lyrics written out and printed on a linen background? You can then have it framed. That’s what this particular Etsy seller Be Happy Art is offering for spouses looking for a cool 4th wedding anniversary gift.


Anniversary year cushion

For a more practical gift (i.e. one that you will actually use), you could always have a special linen cushion made from Etsy seller  

Four Leaf Clover Gifts. Just choose what you would like printed onto the fabric to mark your relationship and reaching the fourth year.


Personalised wine box

Created by Michigan couple Marc Stitzlein and Rich Norton this clever idea of a personalized wine box makes a great fourth year wedding anniversary keepsake. It’s also a great way to celebrate future wedding anniversaries (by filling it up for the following year or buying an expensive bottle of wine to drink on each upcoming year. Yes, it doesn’t have anything to do with linen, but maybe you could make the anniversary card with a linen patch…


Waffle linen bathroom

Gents – or ladies, for that matter – if you really want to splash out on your other half for your fourth wedding anniversary then why not treat them to a linen bathrobe? Who doesn’t love a lovely, cosy robe they can wrap themselves up in when emerging from the bath – or just hanging around the house? 

This gorgeous ecru-coloured robe is hooded and has a lovely large lapel to totally immerse yourself in. It’s from Etsy seller Magic Linen and is available in a range of colours. We’re thinking black, dark blue or grey for your male other half? 



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