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Why You'll Love Linen Curtains

Why You'll Love Linen Curtains

Linen curtains are a timeless item for your home. They are both durable and stylish. Linen curtains are simple, yet they create an elegance that you can’t get with any other material. 

They will suit any style from a farmhouse to a modern home. You might envision that all linen curtains are pale and plain, but you’d be wrong. They come in a range of colors and even in check and pinstripes

There’s so much to love about linen curtains. Here’s just a few reasons why we adore them and think you will too. 

Linen Curtains

Effortless style

Linen curtains are the better choice for a stylish décor. You can choose sheer or solid linen curtains for a dreamy and elegant addition to any of your rooms. 

Any room can be transformed into a sophisticated and luxurious setting with a pair of simple linen curtains. 

There is a coziness about linen that makes a room homely, and they go with any style, from classical period designs to modern chic vibes. 

The light filters through them in a way that brings a gentle glow to your room. @WillowValeHouse in the Hudson Valley tweeted a photograph of their linen curtains in their 1800s farmhouse with “morning light” to show the way the light delicately filters through. 



Linen is a natural material, making it environmentally friendly. It doesn’t have any harmful chemicals making them an ethical choice for your home. 

Using a natural material like linen brings the outside into your home, a fast-increasing trend to make your spaces seem more open. 


Last longer

Made with a natural weave and thick fibers, 100% pure linen will last you a lifetime. It is strong and durable, making them great value for money. 

Your pair of linen curtains could become an heirloom, passed down through your family. Each generation gets use from this fabulous material. Passing on your linen curtains is also environmentally friendly as you’re creating less waste, making them even more eco-friendly. 


Easy to maintain

It is so easy to keep your linen curtains clean. You don’t need to hand wash them. Simply place them in your washing machine. You can even tumble dry them on a low heat or air dry. Hate ironing? No problem, the creases in your linen curtains create texture to your room. To get the creases out of your linen curtains, use the steam setting on your iron for a crisp, clean look.  



Due to its high-quality and thickness, linen curtains make great insulation. During the summer months it is breathable, letting in the air. In winter, it keeps the heat in, saving you a fortune on your heating bill. 

Bath curtains are better when they are linen because of their breathability. They will let in air while ensuring privacy and creating enough light. 

Want a pair of linen curtains for your home? Check out our 100% pure linen curtain range.

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