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Why interior designers love linen

Why interior designers love linen

Interior designers, fashion fans, upholstery makers – they all love linen. And they’re not the only ones.

It’s easy to care for, gorgeous to wear and it’s fantastic for keeping you cool in the heat by wicking away moisture. It’s also good to wear in winter thanks to its insulating qualities, and it looks great when layered Lagenlook-style. The reason for this dual weather ability is that linen is thermoregulating.

And then there is linen’s eco-credentials; because it’s made from the fibre of the flax plant, it’s also a renewable source.


Linen in the home 

Linen is so adaptable and flexible as a material it can be used for curtains, cushion, upholstery, throws, bed sheets, pillow cases, table clothes, tea towels – you name it, good quality linen can do it. We have even seen it used for carpets, and it still looks and feels amazing. And what looks more elegant in a high-ceilinged room than long linen curtains puddled on a wooden floor?


Linen for health

Lots of people love to use linen for its hypoallergenic qualities. For starters, linen bed sheets and pillow cases aren’t going to set off sneezing or cause your nose to get stuffy. And they look so inviting with their creased, cosy and lived-in look.


Linen for looks

Admittedly linen can crease if you are wearing it, but your body heat should soon sort that out. If a tablecloth is creased then it’s just a case of running over it quickly with an iron.  And, unlike cashmere or other woollen fabrics, you’re not going to get holes in your linen as moths don’t like it.


Linen for practicality

Not only is linen long-lasting, like red wine, it also gets better as it ages. Every time you wash linen, the material becomes softer, feeling even more beautiful. So, next time you feel a bit guilty about splashing out on some top-quality linen bedwear or curtains, don’t. They are going to last for decades. 

As @JenniKayne says: “I've been loyal to washed linen for at least 10 years. I've tried tons of different bedding, and when I found washed vintage linen, I was hooked! I love its natural and effortless look and feel. It doesn’t need to be pressed perfectly either.”


Linen for interest

The unusual feel of the linen makes for an interesting contrast with other material in your home. That nubbly surface and, at times, crumpled appearance, can add visual interest to a room, as well as a contrasting texture to silk or cotton. 


Linen for colour

When people typically conjure up images of linen it’s usually in neutral colours such as oatmeal, white or ivory. Today, though, there are some fantastic, rich and opulent-feeling colourful shades around too. Think plum, charcoal, burgundy, navy and emerald. 

These make for a more interesting and contemporary interior décor scheme. If you like the classic neutral colours though then you’re on the right lines if you add in gold frames and velvet cushions or upholstery. Some textiles and textures are just made for each other.



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