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What Is Mindful Shopping? Linen Is Functional As Well as Fashionable

What Is Mindful Shopping? Linen Is Functional As Well as Fashionable

What is mindful shopping?

Mindful shopping may sound very philosophical but it’s simple. It means thinking about what you buy.

We all do it. We buy too much. We have a closet of clothes but nothing to wear. Ten different towels, but only use the same two.

Consumerist culture has led to a throwaway society. It’s hard not to want new stuff when you see nice things everywhere. On social media, adverts, and from people in the street.

And does it make you happy? No. Your home is cluttered, you can’t find anything, and you’re out of pocket.

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Why is mindful shopping important?

Thinking about what you buy means you will save money on all that stuff you don’t need.

There will be less waste going to landfill and harming our environment, so you save money and the planet. If people don’t constantly buy items, there will be less demand, and companies will favor quality over quantity.

When we have less stuff, we appreciate what we have. When you have carefully selected items instead of just impulse buying then you are happier with your selection.

Most importantly, mindful shopping makes us happier. @MarieKondo has found fame showing the world how to be tidy and declutter. She said, “I believe tidying leads to a joyful life.”

You know it does because when you have a clear out, you feel so much better.


Buy less

We have FOMO. Fear of missing out and that’s why we want all the latest trends. Ask yourself, do I really need this? Would I pay for this if it wasn’t on sale?

Our houses are packed with things we don’t need. If you’ve ever moved to a new house, you’ll know just how many useless items you find.

Don’t run on autopilot. Think about it. I bet most of your purchases aren’t necessary.


Buy quality

The high turnover of clothes and homeware has led to a steep decline in quality. You will hear older people say ‘they don’t make them like they used to’. And they’re not wrong.

Why make a quality item when people don’t want quality, they want it quickly

You can choose to only buy quality items that last you longer. This will stop you from buying again because you won’t need to.

Linen is a great example of a durable fabric. It will last so long you will be able to hand it down to your children.

You can even bring a linen bag with you when shopping.


Pick the right products

Most of our purchases are bad for the environment.

Pick products that don’t harm our planet and will last you longer.

Choose products with plastic free packaging and choose sustainable products. Linen, hemp, and bamboo are all materials that have fewer chemicals and are better for the environment.

Plus, they look great. Linen is a beautiful natural material that is versatile. It can be used for clothing and makes a simple yet sophisticated statement in your home.

Next time you take out your purse, ask yourself if you really need that purchase? Try some mindful shopping and you’ll find you have more money, you’re saving the planet, and you feel better too.



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