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Unique Recipes For Your Apple Bounty
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Unique Recipes For Your Apple Bounty

It’s Fall and you know what that means — apple picking season! And since it’s really fun to pick all different sorts of apples off the trees, going overboard is just par for the course. But there are only so many apples, apple pies and apple tarts you can eat before just looking at an apple makes your tummy turn.

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Can it: This is one of the easiest ways to use your extra apples, and to have a little bit of freshness year-round. That’s right, can it! And, there are so many types of apple-based goodies that can be canned that you’ll never have to worry about having to use a case of applesauce before next summer.

  • Want to leave your apples plain? You can slice them up into half-moon shapes and can them in a light syrup. (Recipe here)
  • Make fresh applesauce to can and preserve, making it easy to grab and go throughout the year. (Recipe here)
  • Experimenting with fruit butters is always fun, so why not add apple butter to the list? Who could say no to toast spread with the rich, caramel-like flavor of apple butter? Or add to a cheese or charcuterie board, which will both surprise and delight guests! (Recipe here)

Juice it: Have way too many apples? Juicing them can help, while giving a few different options for drinking. Make your own homemade version of apple juice to drink (check out this recipe) as well as to sauté or roast proteins and veggies in, bringing a hint of Fall to the plate. Looking for a bit of a more robust Autumn flavor? Use those apples to make some apple cider, which can be sipped plain, spiked or added into seasonal punches. This recipe from All Recipes is simple, easy and has step-by-step directions for storing and freezing as well.

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Dry it: It may sound weird, but fruit leather actually serves many purposes! Fruit leather can be a fun snack to add to a lunchbox, and can also make a beautiful cocktail garnish. Start with a smooth, blended purée of apples. From there, you can sweeten or add additional flavoring options, and then bake in the oven for several hours. When it’s done, you’ll have a homemade fruit roll-up that tastes gourmet and is better for you, too! (Want to make it yourself? Use this recipe courtesy of Simply Recipes.)

Fruit leather not your thing? Instead, slice your apples up and dehydrate them in the oven. They’re fun to add to trail mix, float atop a mocktail, or just eat solo as apple chips. (This recipe has the details.) The best part? They can last up to six months in an airtight container, making this a treat that will last through the winter months.




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