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Transform Your Bathroom Into A Secret Escape
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Transform Your Bathroom Into A Secret Escape

Sometimes the hustle and bustle of life is just too much to take. Cue the self-care escape that is steps away from any room of the home — the bathroom. Whether it’s a long, hot shower or a drawn bubble bath, spending time pampering yourself in a self-made spa can be just what is needed to decompress and make you feel better about whatever you may be battling.

Unsure how to create the perfect space? Use a few of these ideas to get your wellness on.

Add candles: Any mood can be set with the right candles. Taking a shower? Light a lavender or eucalyptus scented candle and allow the aroma to transport you to another world as the warm water steams up the room. Filling up the bath? Strategically place a few candles across your bath tray, setting the scene for a very comforting soak. Include a glass of your favorite wine or mocktail for total relaxation.

Accessorize right: There are some great ways to accessorize a bathroom, no matter what size you have. The first order of business? Find a little space for greenery. That’s right! Plants have the ability to lift moods in a matter of minutes, reduce stress and can also make any space feel like an escape. Have a small space? A few succulents that take up little space and need hardly any maintenance is a great choice. Have a larger bathroom? Go crazy with a Rabbit Foot Fern, Pothos, Boston Fern or any of these plants that will thrive in your bathroom. 

Secondly, create a space that makes you happy. Pick beautiful jars to fill with bath bombs or bath salts; Add art or mirrors for a touch of elegance; and change out your bath mat to one that is visually stunning. 

Hand Towel

Lux it up: The real key to ensuring your at-home spa evening goes as planned? Little touches of luxury, of course. This includes top-tier towels, like Solino Home’s pure linen towels. These towels not only feel magnificent on the skin, but linen is known as a natural exfoliator that rejuvenates the skin. Want a little upgrade? Add a towel warmer to your bathroom for a lavish end to your at-home retreat night. Want to make guests feel special, too? Add Solino Home’s hand towels to your bathroom — they’re extra soft and dry quickly, making every guest feel like you’ve rolled out the red carpet just for them. 



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