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The Best Ways To Elevate Your Bar Cart Style
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The Best Ways To Elevate Your Bar Cart Style

A bar cart isn’t just a place to throw all the liquor bottles that don’t fit in the cabinet. A bar cart is also a style piece — it is meant to show off your personality and be a focal point in your home. But, like bookshelves and TV stands, the bar cart has the tendency to become kind of a catch-all, taking away any fun and flair it may have brought to a room.

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However, with a few tips and a bit of cleaning, your bar cart can become more than just a place to show off booze — it can become a chic, stylish accent. Want to know how to create a look you’ll love? Here are some steps to the perfect bar cart:

Start with glassware: Always look like you’re ready to serve! Pick six to 12 stunning pieces of glassware to stock your bar cart with. These can have a color theme, style theme or can even be ones that are the most meaningful to you, like vintage glasses that have been passed down through generations. Using different shapes is also key, as they bring visual interest. So, grab your favorite coupes, rocks glasses and Nick and Nora’s!

Define the space: Breaking up the space will make it look more organized, even if it’s not. Use a tray (or two, depending on size) to create some vignettes with bottles and accessories. You can also use decor-matching boxes to store things, like bitters or jiggers, to keep the cart from looking cluttered.

Add accents: Adding beautiful touches to the bar cart can upgrade the aesthetic in the entire room. This is also where you can have a little fun and play with your creativity. Pick a sculpture, interesting lamp or even books. The different heights bring dimension, so it’s a win-win.

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Color coordinate: One of the most fun things to do with your bar cart is color coordinate. Pick a monochromatic theme, use seasonal colors trends or put together your favorite color combinations for a look that will delight. Group bottles in three to five and make sure there are a variety of styles — this brings the visual impact!

Soften it up: Bring some linens in to play on your bar cart. Folded dinner napkins in your color palate can make a lovely accent piece, or go with the theme and add a space for cocktail napkins.

Other ways to use your bar cart: When not showcasing fabulous design style, the bar cart becomes a multi-purpose, albeit beautiful, serving tool. The cart can transform into a perfect brunch cocktail bar for Mimosas or Bloody Mary’s. It can also be a DIY-cocktail bar complete with instructions, garnishes and glassware or a great place to host the party punch. The bar cart is also a great place to put on a fabulous display of delicious desserts or tea sandwiches. Adorn with floral arrangements, pedals or candles for a truly upscale look.



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