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Step into Spring with Beautiful Blooms
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Step into Spring with Beautiful Blooms

Like a breath of fresh air, spring arrives just when we’ve had quite enough of the cold, dreary winter season. The birds are chirping, the sun is warming our faces and flowers are (finally) waking from their slumber. With their bursts of color and intoxicating fragrance, it's easy to transform spring flowers into lush arrangements for your tablescape! Here, a few fresh ideas to get you started.

Local Blooms: While it depends on your climate and where you are located, some of the most common flowers you’ll find blooming in spring include peonies, cherry blossoms, daffodils, lilacs, irises, crocus, azaleas, freesia and of course–tulips! With a kaleidoscope of color, shape, texture and scent, the creative possibilities are endless.

Solino Home Lilac Tablecloth

Set the Scene: If you’re dressing your table in a fresh table linen for spring, we suggest one in a modern pastel that will perfectly complement your selected blooms. Whether you choose a mix-and-match palette or something more monochromatic, let the flowers inspire you.

Get to Work: When selecting the right vessel for your flower arrangement, think about the shape of flowers you are arranging. Some blooms will have pillowy heads such as peonies and will need a larger vessel so their full bloom can be on display. Meanwhile, crocus, tulips and irises are bulbous flowers with hardy stems, so they are best suited for a narrower vessel so they can stand tall and proud. Here, a few pairings to get you started:

Solino Home Spring Tablescape
  • Tall Vase: With their stately stems and beautiful bulbs, tulips and irises work best in taller, narrow vases. We like them arranged on their own for a striking effect. Use a traditional glass vase or a champagne flute for a touch of whimsy.
  • Low Vase: Peonies are some of the most cheerful spring blooms and need room so they can fully open and show off their splendor. A low, wide vase will allow for peonies to stand proud in all their beauty.
  • Bud Vase/Jars: Flowers such as daffodils have such a bright color and interesting shape, we love them snipped close to the head and place in short bud vase or jam jars. Group several down the center of your table or scatter them as an accent for place settings.
  • Pitchers: We love the idea of using found objects for floral arrangements. An interesting pitcher or milk jar makes for a fun surprise. An arrangement of lush lilacs, or even cherry blossoms make for an airy, lush arrangement.



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