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Spring Tablescapes That Aren’t All About The Flowers
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Spring Tablescapes That Aren’t All About The Flowers

When the sun comes out longer and the flowers begin bursting onto the scene, it is tempting to whip out all of the floral home decor items you have - pillows, throw blankets, even swapping out artwork or styling the bar cart with brighter colored spirits. But florals for Spring, while classic, can be a little bit stale. Here are a few ways to create the perfect tablescape for the season without touching those floral patterned China pieces.

Solino Home Sage Green Table Runner

Let Your Accents Do The Talking: Just because you’re not using floral tablecloths or tableware, doesn’t mean you have to skip the floral centerpiece. However, think beyond the standard spring shades when selecting your flowers. Go bold with bigger and brighter colors; go local and ask what flowers are in season in your own area; use a variety of herbs in bright vessels; or mix-and-match wildflowers from your own garden. Using vessels that are non-traditional, such as a colander, galvanized bucket or berry baskets to create a seasonal vibe that’s just right.

Don’t want to go floral? Use feathers, candles, seashells, cloches, lanterns or bright, seasonal citrus to create a tablescape guests won’t soon forget.

Bright Colors First: Steer away from the obvious with the colors of Spring in bolder shades. For example, instead of the standard pastel blue, opt for a cerulean or cornflower. Layer in the pastel as an accent piece; whether as a charger, salad plate or even as simple as a napkin ring. The bold look will be eye-catching, while the softer piece will allow it to feel firmly Spring. Or, forget the lighter hues all together and bring in bright yellow to reflect the sunshine; periwinkle and magenta to pay homage to those florals beginning to take over the garden; or lush green tones to bring the outside in.

Solino Home Classic Hemstitch Light Natural Napkins

Select Other Patterns - Or Go Neutral: While a solid in a bright, Spring color may be the best way to incorporate the style of the season without using a floral, there are other patterns that are perfectly wonderful and still showcase the feeling of freshness. Gingham helps to bring a sophisticated picnic atmosphere, while a Narrow stripe pattern can create elevated style. Rustic, however, is always a great starting point for Spring. Classic Hemstitch in light natural can serve as a perfect backdrop to a Spring table, truly letting the other colorful components shine.



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