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Mother's Day - Recipes for All the Family

Mother's Day - Recipes for All the Family

What better way to show your appreciation for your mom than making a nice meal for all your family for Mother’s Day?

Putting time and effort into a gift is better than simply buying something. After all, how many times has your mother cooked dinners for you?

If you can’t find the time to make dinner, you can always scale down these recipes and have a nice Mother’s Day lunch. These are dishes you can make ahead of time.

You could go all out and have a Mother’s Day dinner theme. You could place a different photo of your mom tied around each linen napkin at the table. Set the table with a nice centerpiece like a bunch of flowers or a mason jar filled with her favorite sweets. Any little extra adds to making your mom feel special. 

So, put on that linen apron, decorate the table with a nice tablecloth, and get stuck in. 

Mother's Day Recipes

Vegan options

If all or some of your family are vegan, this is a great dish that everyone can enjoy. Creamy broccoli vegan pasta is delicious and takes just 20 minutes to make. 


Vegetarian options

Who doesn’t love chili? It’s the ultimate comfort food, warming you from the inside out. Chili can be made ahead, and it doesn’t take long to make. For the ultimate chili, check out Martha Stewart’s recipe. Chili and Martha Stewart? Your mom will think she’s died and gone to heaven. 


Healthy Choices

If your mom’s trying to be healthy, there are still lots of easy options for a healthy Mother’s Day dinner.

Salmon or any other fish is easy to cook and full of healthy Omega-3. For a fish dish, you can add the fish and vegetables to one tray, put it in the oven, and it’s done. For a healthy side, try couscous. Add a bit of lemon and coriander to give it a nice refreshing flavor and it goes perfect with fish. 


Quick and easy

What to cook for your mom for dinner that’s easy to do? What about a fajita station? Set it up just like your favorite Mexican franchise. With grilled chicken or beef, rice, beans, corn, guacamole, sour cream. Add whatever you want and let your family make their own fajita. You could even have a pitcher of Margaritas for a full Mexican theme Mother’s Day.  


Sweet treat

You could either buy your mom's favorite dessert or make your own. A cheesecake is one of the easiest desserts to make and you can add whatever flavor you want. 

Have a classic vanilla cheesecake, or strawberry, or chocolate with her favorite chocolate bar broken up on top. You can either bake it or just put it in the fridge to set for a few hours. 

Or if you feel like going all out, how about Martha Stewart’s coffee cake. @KUACFMTV said it was, “perfect for a queen. #MothersDay.”

A lovely Mother’s Day dinner with all your family is a great way to spend quality time together and show your mom how much you appreciate her. 



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