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How to use linen in a minimalist look

How to use linen in a minimalist look

If you happen to be a fan of the minimalist, clean look – and, let’s face it, many of us are - then, in terms of fabric and color schemes, linen is definitely the fabric to befriend. 

By and large, the reason people choose to decorate their homes with a minimalist look is because they want somewhere serene to come back to after a hectic, rather ‘buzzy’, day at work. And who can blame them? Life these days is pretty hectic for the vast majority of us.

Either that, or these individuals just appreciate that natural, organic linen suits a home that is uncluttered. 

@thegoodsheet: “It goes without saying that removing clutter is an essential first step on the road to simplicity.  Take stock of everything your bedroom currently contains and decide what needs to go to so you can make space for the things that matter.  Take your cue from Marie Kondo and ask yourself “does it spark joy?”.  If the answer is no, do you really need to keep it?”

For some people, having a home that is calming means they can let themselves relax and, essentially, lose any anxiety they may have built up over the day through various tension-building scenarios. If that’s you, here’s how to get a calming home using linen for a minimalist look:

Neutral colors

For a start, linen fabric is light, fresh, cooling (warming in winter) and, if you get it in its natural state i.e. without any dyes added, then it comes in lovely neutral shades, such as ivory, ecru and beige. Having said that though, greys, taupes, soft rosy pinks, even browns can also work very well in a serene styled environment.

The great benefit of a minimalist environment is that it is calming. A minimalist room, for instance, is one which has fabrics and furnishings with a neutral color scheme. It also happens to be a minimalist space when there isn’t a lot of furniture cluttering things up, or a lot of ‘stuff’ lying around in general i.e. accessories covering workspaces.

Neutral patterns

Patterned bed throws, curtains, cushions and carpets are great – provided they aren’t all in the one room. A vibrantly patterned rug can really stand out in a pale neutral coloured room – if that’s what you want. If you’re looking for a minimalist environment though, you really want to keep patterns to a minimum. And that means plain colored rugs or, at least, rugs that may have a neutral shade but where the pattern is simple. Have one bold item in a room to add character, but if you’re the type who thrives on a cooling, minimalist environment, then have everything else in the room in a neutral shade. 

Minimalist bedroom

The most relaxing room in your home should, of course, be the bedroom. That’s where the neutrality should be at a ‘high’ in terms of colour, texture and minimalism. The perfect bedroom would be one with a simple but ample mattress, linen sheets, a bedside table, lamp, and wooden flooring. The curtains too would be linen.

Another nice touch is to have a lovely porridge-coloured or ecru rug in a thick linen material. Not only is this lovely and warm to stand on when you get out of bed in the morning, but it also fits in with the ‘uncluttered’ color scheme.



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