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How To Upgrade Your Iced Coffee All Year Long
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How To Upgrade Your Iced Coffee All Year Long

Iced Coffee

If you’re as crazy about iced coffee and cold brew coffee as we are then you know how satisfying that first sip is! It’s that little treat to jumpstart the day when a hot cuppa just won’t do. We also love iced coffee because it’s so easy (and fun) to get creative with the flavor! From cold foam to spices to olive oil (yes, olive oil) we whipped up a few of our favorite ways to elevate your iced coffee. 

DIY Cold Foam: Cold foam has taken the cold brew menu by storm and with good reason–it elevates the experience with a deliciously creamy topping and texture. And it’s so easy to make your own at home: combine ¼ cup of our favorite cold milk with a tablespoon or two of flavored syrup and/or spices like cinnamon. Use a handheld frother to froth until you have a foamy texture. Certain milks like, almond milk can take longer (up to 3 minutes) so be patient until you get it just right! Then, simply spoon the foam onto your cold brew or iced coffee for a barista-worthy treat. 

Spice Things Up: Spices have their place in iced coffee just as much as they do in hot brewed coffee. A sprinkle of cinnamon, cardamom or nutmeg before you brew adds a layer of warmth–the same effect can be achieved with a sprinkle directly onto the coffee. 

Lovely Lavender: Lavender-infused syrup can add an interesting herbal twist to iced coffee. While it is readily available for purchase, it’s just as simple to make your own. You can combine one cup of water, one cup of sugar and one tablespoon of lavender blossoms and boil until the sugar dissolves. Let it cool and store in an empty, clean glass bottle!

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Crazy for Coconut: Looking for something a little more tropical? Swap coconut water for plain water, to make your cold brew concentrate at home! This simple hack offers a bit of a sweet taste to your routine cold brew and also adds the benefit of electrolytes. If you don’t prefer your cold brew quite so packed with coconut flavor, you can also simply add a few drops of coconut water to your iced coffee or cold brew to give it a little lift. 

Olive Oil: Yes, that’s right olive oil. This hot new trendy addition is said to enhance the flavor and texture of iced coffee while also adding a bit of richness. The best way to try this for yourself, is to blend your iced coffee or cold brew with your milk of choice first and then add in a bit of olive oil. Start with a teaspoon and then add more to taste.




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