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How To Register For Table Linens
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How To Register For Table Linens

When embarking on a journey through life, it can be said that many of the most precious moments will happen around the table. But, when you’ve found your forever love and are ready to settle down, registering for the things that will make your house into a home may make your head spin. And it’s common knowledge to make sure you have knives and cookware, sometimes items for the table go by the wayside. Not anymore.

Solino Home is taking the guesswork out of how and what to add to your life registry. From tablecloths to napkins, here are a few tips on how to ensure all bases get covered and the table is always the center of memories.

French Stripe Black and White Table Linen

Placemats: The most often used thing on the table – definitely placemats. These are used for setting the table every day as well as for special occasions. They help define a table space as well as give it character, too. And, they can also act as a pop of color for a tablescape, especially against a white or neutral tablecloth. Keep in mind that, unlike other table linens, placemats can be purchased for mixing and matching, or they can be kept out of a table setting. So, have fun with your placemats and choose patterns and colors that inspire and spark joy. As for quantity, between eight and sixteen placemats per style (with a minimum of two styles) will allow for plenty of use, especially as families combine and grow.

Napkins: Environmentally conscious nesters are cutting back on disposable napkins and paper towels and are looking for cotton and linens for both everyday and special occasions. While it’s smart to own a natural color and pattern, napkins are the accent pieces of the table – don’t be afraid to go bold! Add a stripe pattern, a classic look, a casual contender and stunner to start a napkin collection off right. When registering for napkins, however, the best advice is to count how many are needed for a complete table setting and purchase several extras. That way, if one gets lost or stained, there is another one that will be able to complete the set. 

Capri Ticking Table Runner

Table runner: Registering for several different types of table runners is a bit of a savior. If a table has not yet been purchased or an upgrade is on the horizon, having a few table runners to decorate with will be key. Already have the perfect table? Table runners add depth and texture to any table design when layered and can also create new looks when used with the same tablecloth. While registering, build a collection beginning with one neutral color, like white, ivory, cream, gray or even sheer. Then, move into a darker shade, like navy or black. From there, picking a few patterns and colors that add personality are great options. Try a basic stripe or dot pattern that elevates any look. Unsure how many runners to start with? Aim for between four and six that complement other table linens.

Tablecloth: To have a tablecloth for every occasion, registering for between two and four types of tablecloths is the best place to start. Begin with a neutral color, such as white, cream, ivory natural, as this can be the starting point for a casual or elaborate table setting. Then, the rest is up to you! A holiday option is always a smart choice, as are seasonal colors and patterns, such as florals or leaves.




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