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How To Plan An Al Fresco Party at Home with Holy Hostess
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How To Plan An Al Fresco Party at Home with Holy Hostess

For the latest feature in our Be Our Guest blog series, we introduce Instagrammer Adriana Iturralde of Holy Hostess. She lives in Texas and of course when she gives a party, she goes big! And now that the weather is cooling there, it’s the perfect time for an outdoor affair. Adriana considers every detail to ensure her guests have a great time. Here are some of her tips:

Holy Hostess x Solino Home Table Setting Ideas

“The wish of every hostess, such as yourself, is to make her home welcoming, warm, and full of life. Your home is like a garden, and you can arrange and plant it however you like. But, as with any creative idea, a party must be carefully planned to make it run smoothly and be fun and memorable. I’ve prepared a guide that will help you make the most of the sunniest days of the year”

Define the Theme & Style of the Party

Will it be a casual barbecue in the garden, a pool party, a cocktail night, or a themed gathering? Choose a theme, color palette, and style that reflects your personality and the vibe you want to create. I thought a blue and white palette would be perfect for late summer.

Holy Hostess Solino Home Blue Linen Table Setting

Have your table linens ready in advance

 You’ll need a dressed table, but it doesn’t have to be over-the-top. Use linens like these from Solino Home:  I layered Athena Placemats in Chambray Indigo over an Amalfi Stripe Tablecloth in Navy and White. And remember, when it comes to tableware, use the good stuff and enjoy it!

Blue Tablescape

Create Invitations:

If you’re hosting more than a casual get-together, send attractive digital or printed invitations to your guests. Be sure to include all the relevant information. If you have a specific theme, be sure to mention it so guests can prepare.

Outdoor Table Setting

Plan the Menu:

Prepare a delicious summer menu according to the theme of the party and the tastes of your guests. Opt for fresh and light dishes, such as salads, seasonal fruits, meats, vegetarian options, and the inevitable cheese boards as an appetizer. Don't forget to include refreshing drinks, such as lemonades, tropical cocktails, or sangria. And have napkins at the ready, such as Narrow Stripe Napkins in navy and white.

Solino Home Table cloth

Prepare the Décor:

Decorate your outdoor space with items in keeping with the theme. Use string lights, lanterns, or candles to create a warm and cozy atmosphere for the evening. Add flowers and plants for a fresh, summery touch and prepare a playlist that suits your theme.

Set up a Drink Station:

Create an area with refreshing drinks so guests can serve themselves. Include non-alcoholic options for little ones, and check that you have enough ice to keep drinks cold.

Thank your guests for attending:

After the party, send thanks to your guests with a small favor, photo from the party or other token to say "thanks for coming.”

Following these Holy Hostess tips, your house party will be a spectacular event that everyone will remember fondly. So, get ready to enjoy the best outdoor party in the company of your loved ones, and create unforgettable memories!

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