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How to Look After Linen

How to Look After Linen

At Solino Home, we are very proud of our commitment to sustainability and being environmentally friendly - and that’s one of the reasons why we love linen so much. It is a natural fabric that is widely appreciated for its versatility, breathability and sustainability given its minimal requirements for water and added chemicals. It has long been considered to be one of the most natural and durable fabrics in the world. 

People have been wearing and using linen for centuries because it is so strong and so easy to make and look after. Linen’s history is in the seas when it was used in sails for boats - now it is a timeless classic that has connotations of sophistication and luxury. Despite being an ancient fabric, because of how high-quality linen is as a fabric, it is seen in homes decorated in a wide range of styles. Linen can be found in classical period homes and in state of the art, minimalist modern masterpieces of 21st-century construction. 

“With all of the advantages that linen has to offer, there surely must be some sort of downside to it?” we hear you ask. “It must be extremely difficult to look after and maintain.” We are here to tell you that there is no end to how fabulous linen is. We want you to love linen just as much as we do. Read on to find out just how easy it is to look after your linen.

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How to wash your linen

Linen is extremely easy to look after. You do not have to get it dry cleaned or hand wash it. It can go in your washing machine, just like the rest of your clothes. However, we recommend using a mild soap with lukewarm or cold water and never using bleach. Linen is so easy to look after that you can even tumble dry it on a low heat or just dry it the ‘natural’, ‘old-fashioned’ way by lying it flat or hanging it up to dry when it is slightly damp.

How to wash linen

The more that you wash linen, the more that the fabric softens and drapes making it more sumptuous to wear or go to sleep in. 


Should I iron my linen?

Whether or not you iron your linen is up to you. You might be a fan of a crisp, elegant, neatly ironed aesthetic with your linen or you might prefer a more dishevelled relaxed look to your linen. Whichever you prefer, if you decide you want to iron your linen, we recommend ironing it on the wrong side and spritzing it with water if it is not still slightly damp from washing. Always iron with your iron set on the linen setting.


How do I look after Solino Home linen? Is there something different I should do with your linen products?

Linen is an inexpensive product to care for and that applies to Solino Home linen products too! You do not need to buy any special soaps or detergents; in fact, you don’t have to use any at all if you don’t want to! 

The only thing to be mindful of with Solino Home Linen is that because all of our products are 100% pure linen there can be some shrinkage with the natural fibres during washing.

Finally, if you look after linen products well, then you will have invested in products that will last you a lifetime, or longer! Linen fabrics are often passed down through families for generations because they are such prized possessions as they are so durable. You might well have just bought your first family heirloom!

For any further guidance on how to look after your linen, get in touch with Solino Home



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