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How To Create The Perfect Signature Party Drink
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How To Create The Perfect Signature Party Drink

Let’s face it: There is a lot to do when planning a party. Ordering, prepping and serving food; picking the perfect playlist; and creating a tablescape that will have everyone buzzing. However, the most overwhelming thing about planning a party can be the bar. With so many spirits and mixers to choose from, it can be hard to please everyone attending. That’s why settling on a signature drink can save on the budget - and the headache!

White Table Runner

Pick your theme: The best starting point is working with your theme. From there, diving into interesting cocktails that work make perfect sense. Batched margaritas are perfect for a summer barbecue, or go with a Hugo Spritz for a more elegant garden party affair. Nautical themed? A Dark 'n Stormy is an easy go-to, while a ginger Paloma is a great way to welcome fall.

Pick your color: While not necessary, it can become an element of fun to create a signature cocktail that matches the color of your party. A Champagne spritz brings in gold elements, of use butterfly pea to change your drink from blue to purple. Having a fall soirée? Pomegranate or cranberry can live up to the theme, or use apple cider or bourbon for hints of browns. Other spirits, like blue curaçao or a pink gin, can also make sure the vibe is just right.

Champagne Drink

Pick your flavors: A signature cocktail should be able to be sipped solo, with light bites and with a meal. Matching cocktail flavors up to the menu is important, so it keeps the mood right and your guests happy. If unsure which way the menu is going, keep it simple - opt for a gin and tonic, white wine spritzer or a Moscow Mule. All crowd pleasers, these sippers will be able to

Pick a name: It’s not a party without a signature cocktail name! This is where you can really let loose and have some fun. Name it for an inside joke yourself and your gathered friends and family will only understand; name it for the party theme; or name it after your beloved pet! The possibilities are only as endless as your imagination.

Pack it up: The evening’s signature cocktail can also come in handy as another party plus - a favor. Batch these up, funnel them into small glass bottles and give them each a fun label for a parting gift guests will love. Or, send them home with mini bottles of ingredients and personalized recipe cards so they can relive the fun from their own home.



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