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Having A Cocktail Party? Four Cocktail Glasses You Should Have On Hand

Having A Cocktail Party? Four Cocktail Glasses You Should Have On Hand

There is nothing more fun than hosting a cocktail party for your closest friends or family members. Dressing both yourself and your table for a fun night in is a great way to gather, celebrate or simply just be together.

Festive edge naturalWhile your tablescape is designed to be the center of the party, you’ll want to take care to have the glassware to impress your guests, too. Mixing and matching glasses, both in style or color, can lend an air of fun to the party, but there are certain drinks that just sip better in the proper glassware. Having a cocktail-style party? Not only will an array of glassware intrigue guests, but Solino’s Cocktail Napkins (in an array of colors and styles to suit the theme!) will add a bit of elegance to the occasion.


Here are four types of cocktail glasses you should know about - and when to use them.



Festive BlackCoupe glass: Coupe glasses are so versatile and can serve as a vessel for an array of sippers. Wine, champagne and virtually any shaken or stirred cocktail can all be served from a coupe glass. These usually hold about six ounces of booze and the extra round rim allows for elaborate garnishes that won’t interfere with drinking. And, the stem makes them both elegant to hold and will also keep your cocktail from warming up! If you don’t want to spend a lot of money or don’t have a lot of space, investing in a set of coupe glasses is the way to go. 

Martini glass: While this glass may brand itself, a martini glass is actually a lot more versatile than one may think. Martinis in a martini glass? Groundbreaking. But you can also serve Manhattans, Cosmopolitans, Lemon Drops - the list truly keeps going. The angle of the martini glass makes it easier to sip on as well, ensuring that no drop is wasted. The V-shape bowl helps control both the aromas and the temperature so that boozy beverage will be, in fact, good to the last drop.


Festive White

Nick + Nora glass: As craft cocktails have made a return, so have Nick + Nora glasses. This elegant glassware sits somewhere between a coupe and a small wine glass, giving it a bell shape. This is a great vessel for stirred drinks without an overbearing garnish. While you could also serve wine in these as well, they are a bit small and should be used for liquor-forward cocktails. In a pinch? Serve cordials or after-dinner drinks in these, too.

Rocks glass: Used for anything neat or on the rocks is the rocks glass. Usually between 8 and 10 ounces of liquid, this glass is perfect for adding ice and allowing the drink to be sipped slowly. The open rim allows the aromas from the cocktail or booze to enhance the sipping experience. Want to add a bit more awe to your cocktail party? Create square or spherical clear ice to be served with rocks drinks. Your guests will feel as if they have been transported to their favorite cocktail club instead of at home!



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