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Go Green At Home With Reusable Napkins

Go Green At Home With Reusable Napkins

From paper straws to eliminating plastic bags, the movement towards a more sustainable lifestyle is growing. The amount of paper products used on a daily basis can be drastically shifted when eliminating just one item from the equation. While it may be fun to put a compost pile in the backyard, a large part of living sustainably is choosing smarter goods for everyday life - including napkins. Have yet to make an investment? Here are three reasons why reusable napkins should be your next investment.

Cabana Stripe Napkins

Bye, Paper Napkins: It may come as a shock, but paper napkins that are made for home use aren’t actually recyclable. Unfortunately, the food components left after each use taint any hope of giving napkins a second life, causing them to sit in a landfill for more than a decade. Not to mention all the resources used to make them. But, this can be rectified with a simple swap - reusable napkins. Solino Home’s napkins can be used over and over again, cutting down on kitchen waste exponentially. In fact, cloth napkins don’t need to be washed after every use (if you are feeding a family or the same crowd night after night), and can be stored by using a designated napkin ring. After a few uses, a machine wash and low iron or steam will make these napkins as good as new!

Smart Investment: Reusable napkins are a healthy option for the pocketbook as well as the environment. At first, it may seem as if investing in multiple styles of reusable napkins is pretty hefty. While paper goods may seem less intimidating to purchase on a weekly basis, the cost over the lifespan of family meals will far outweigh the initial sticker shock on a few different stylish napkins. And, making an investment in quality items will ensure they last for a number of years!

Want to up-the-ante? You can even take a reusable napkin with you on-the-go, carrying over the sustainable practice from home.

Look of Lux: Whether choosing a pure linen or a blend, reusable napkins can make every day meals into something special. In fact, choosing linen napkins adds an extra check to the sustainable box, as they are often free of toxic pesticides and require less water for growing. Linen is also made from flax - a renewable resource. Washable and durable, there is another added bonus, too: Linen napkins look and feel luxorious and elegant, transforming time around the table into an event every night of the week.



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