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Four Fun Ways To Fold Your Linen Napkins For Any Special Event

Whether it's for a fun, laid-back event or a more upscale dinner party, folding your table napkins definitely makes a splash. “Wow” your guests with an intricate design or simply make them feel special and that you’re happy to have them with simple elegance.

While there are so many ways to fold a napkin, we’ve honed in on four of our absolute favorite styles that will make any table setting a bit more cheerful.


The Pocket

One of the most classic ways to fold a napkin is the pocket. This takes only a few minutes and lets you add a personal touch as well - a menu, placecard or handwritten note to your guest inside. 

Buffalo check Blue and white

 How to do it:

  • Lay your napkin flat on the table
  • Fold the top of the napkin ¼ of the way down
  • Then, fold the bottom of the napkin up so that it’s slightly over the fold the top of the napkin made
  • Flip the napkin over
  • Fold into thirds
  • Flip the napkin back over and insert your personal touch



The Plate Wrap

Simple and easy, the plate wrap is an easy way to make the table look beautiful when you’re short on time. Add flowers or a placecard for an additional layer of love.

How to do it: 

  • Lay your napkin flat on the table
  • Fold the napkin into two thirds - top first and then the bottom
  • Flip the napkin over
  • Place the napkin on top of your plate and simply wrap the ends around the sides, tucking them underneath the plate


The Roll

Perfect for showing off all that carefully polished cutlery, the roll is equal parts functional and elegant. Especially useful for more casual events with unassigned seating, it still allows each guest to feel as if the extra effort was made for them.

How to do it:

  • Lay your napkin flat on the table
  • Fold the napkin in half so that it looks like a large triangle
  • Place the silverware – fork and knife, or fork, knife and spoon – on top of the napkin. It should be in the center towards the bottom, sitting on the triangle’s longest side.
  • Fold the triangle points over the cutlery
  • Roll tightly
  • Add your napkin ring, bow or other personal touch to the roll


The Flower

Easy, flirty and fun, the flower fold is a great way to show off your beautiful napkin rings! It’s the perfect option for a rustic look that still allows guests to feel as if every touch was thought of.

Cabana Stripe

How to do it:

  • Lay your napkin flat on the table
  • Hold two adjacent corners and fold the napkin in half (so that it resembles a triangle), taking care that they are slightly asymmetrical
  • Taking the center of your napkin, place it through the napkin ring
  • Fluff and place on your plate