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Five Ways To Dress Your Table In 2023

Five Ways To Dress Your Table In 2023

There is something special about setting a table. Whether for a small, informal gathering or a large and more traditional sit-down dinner, setting a table is a point of pride for hosts and a point of joy for guests. Keeping your table fresh and interesting is a must-do, especially as the tablescape can set the mood and tone of the event from the very beginning. We’ve compiled some of the top trends in tablescape design that will bring inspiration to your table throughout the year.


Magenta Has The Magic

Contempo Pink Table Runner

In the Fall, Viva Magenta was named the color of the year by Pantone. Not only is this shade going to be everywhere this year, but it will be the neutral of the table. Begin with your Magenta tablecloth or runner and then build your look from there. Add different shades of pink for layers of color that are as fun as they are eye-catching; or choose neutral placemats and napkins to let the magnificence of magenta shine through. Either way, no one will be able to keep their eyes off this beautiful tablescape. Solino Home’s Trendsetters: Classic Hemstitch in Flamingo Pink; Contempo in Blush + White or Violet + White



Natural Looks 


It’s no secret that indoor plants are soothing; they boost moods, eliminate pollutants in the home and can even help with creativity. With their increasing popularity, there is a turn to natural styling for the table, as people are looking to bring the outside in. Use neutrals in shades of brown and green to create a stunning, Earth-toned table. Add texture with burlap, rattan or woven elements for whimsical touches. A centerpiece of neutral candlesticks adorned with birch candles and a bit of seasonal greenery complete the look. Solino Home’s Trendsetter: Botanical Leaves; Falling Leaves.



Vintage Florals

Jolie Fleur

For a while, tablescapes went highly neutral with centerpieces or accents that would add a bit of flair. Now, florals - especially vintage florals - are demanding the spotlight. Romantic designs with delicate shades of blues, pinks and reds are gracing the table for an air of delicate elegance. However, brighter and more adventurous floral patterns are also finding their place on the table again - think avocado, harvest gold and deep blue shades. Solino Home’s Trendsetters: Flora; Jolie Fleur



Bold Centerpieces

DotsVisual impact is the name of the game this year! Whether using florals, greenery or using specialty items to create a tablescape, the centerpieces will be bigger and bolder than before. And not just for formal events. Table settings for backyard barbecues and potluck dinners will also be featuring festive, over-the-top adornments for the middle of the table. Not only is setting the mood important, but bringing extra personality and flair to the table is a great way to allow guests to feel as if the party has been personalized just for them. This is a trend that is poised to stick around for years to come. Solino Home’s Trendsetter: Zoe; Fringe; Dots



Tonal Touches

Capri Ticking

No matter what color, monochromatic tablescapes will be everywhere in 2023. And it won’t be relegated to the linens on the table, either - this will extend to glassware and centerpieces. Using different shades of the same color will add an element of sophistication and luxury to these single-shade tablescapes. The impact created will stun your dinner guests. Solino Home’s Trendsetters: Capri Tickling Stripe; Classic





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