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Father's Day Gift Ideas for Dads Keen on Cooking

Father's Day Gift Ideas for Dads Keen on Cooking

Men are always the more difficult sex to buy for at Christmas – and Father’s Day so 20th June is no exception. So, to help you with a little inspiration we’ve come up with a list – for the father who loves to cook. From a personalised chopping board to portable sous vide and natty masculine linen apron, there’s bound to be something here he’ll love:


Personalised recipe chopping board

Get your father’s favourite recipe crafted onto this fab solid oak chopping board and serving platter. Sturdy and carved from one piece of solid oak (see the curved handle) it’s an engraved gift he’s bound to get lots of use from. In fact, there’s a good possibility no-one else in the house will be allowed to use it.


Molecule-R – Molecular Gastronomy Starter Kit – Cuisine R-evolution

Dads who love to experiment – and impress - are going to be in seventh heaven with this molecular gastronomy kit. In no time they’ll be serving up delights such as balsamic vinegar pearls, lemon foam and vegan chocolate spaghetti. Unfortunately, you’re probably going to have to eat it when he insists you come around for dinner.


Quality linen apron

There is nothing that makes you feel more chef-like than a smart, quality apron. And here at Solino Home we have just the job with our 100% pure linen version. Available in a range of eight colours and with three handy pockets to store personalised items in, this smart linen apron is one of our more popular sellers. It even comes in a lovely presentation gift box – what could be better? 


Darth Vader waffle maker

What dad who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s doesn’t want a Darth Vader waffle maker? This particular version makes a 5” or 7” version of the dark lord’s head. Then it’s just a case of spreading jelly or peanut butter on it and bingeing for breakfast. The good news is that this is a Father’s Day gift everyone in the family will benefit from.


Anova precision cooker Nano

If you really want to splash out on your dad this Father’s Day to show him just how much he’s appreciated, then go for something like the Anova precision cooker Nano. Yes, it’s a bit pricier than you’d probably normally spend on Father’s Day, but if he’s a foodie, he’ll love it.

And finally, for a fun Father’s Day gift for the dad who likes to cook, and also happens to be rather accident prone:


Prime cut pork chop therapeutic cold pack

Yes, this great cold – or hot – therapeutic pack in the shape of a pork chop is fab for helping soothe bruised or sprained limbs. Great for when he’s been a bit overly reckless with his mountain bike or gotten a bit overly-ambitious when jogging. Made from fleece and felt, and containing corn kernels it’s the perfect soother along with a cold beer.

In fact, such is the abundance of Father’s Day cooking-related gifts out there that @wuddupward says “The only obstacle? Narrowing it down to the best culinary innovations and creative gadgets that'll help your dad's skills stay sharp, when there's so much out there to choose from.”

Get more gift ideas at Solino Home.



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