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Fabulous Gift Wrapping Hacks For A Bright Holiday Season
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Fabulous Gift Wrapping Hacks For A Bright Holiday Season

Once you’ve checked off all the gifts from your gift list, it’s time to wrap! Wrapping presents can be fun for some yet a daunting task to others. The keys to a smooth gift wrap session are first, be organized, and second arm yourself with a few creative, genius gift wrapping hacks. Read on for some of our favorites!

Get Organized: While some of us may be lucky to have a specific gift wrapping station set with all the supplies we need neatly organized, some of us are not. But you can also easily whip up your own.

Choose a large space such as your dining room table, craft table or even the floor, as your workspace. Then, gather your supplies and group like ones together so you can easily grab what you need. For example, keep rolls of wrapping paper together in one spot, and your tape and scissors in another.

If you have the room, keep all the smallest supplies, like gift tags, ribbons, bows, markers, and any other decorative touches, each in their own basket, bowl or container so it’s easy to see and reach for when you’re ready. No matter how you set up your area, be sure to keep supplies close at hand.

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Tool Prep: Sure, it’s easy to grab any old household scissor to cut wrapping paper, but a fresh, sharp pair will slice through paper more easily, saving you time (and a few headaches). While you’re at it, make sure to have a second pair handy. This is a huge help when you’re cutting through decorative paper that may shed glitter or fibers or for when you want to curl ribbon. Another top tip? Use gift wrap-specific tape, which has a smooth satin finish and blends seamlessly into the paper.

Material Matters: Sometimes it’s fun to think beyond wrapping paper, especially for gifts that are oddly shaped, heavy, or just call for a more whimsical, homespun look. For food-related gifts, we love sticking with a theme and using linen napkins. The soft material makes it easier to cover up all sorts of shapes and the napkins can even become part of the gift themselves.

Wrap up a bottle of wine or a homemade jar of jam or cookie mix in our Merry & Bright napkin, for a fun feel that is also elevated. Tie it up with a beautiful velvet ribbon and add a handwritten gift tag for a personal holiday touch.



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