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Do linen curtains keep out the light?

Do linen curtains keep out the light?

One of the most popular choices of fabric for curtains in the home, linen cuts back on the amount of light getting into a room, but doesn’t block it entirely. 

You could choose black-out curtains, but they won’t look as stylish as linen curtains. However you can benefit from the best of both worlds….

Benefits of using curtain lining

A way round this is to add a blackout lining to your beautiful linen curtains. Not only will this keep out the light – so ideal for a bedroom – but it will also prevent the linen itself from fading, as the fabric won’t be receiving direct sunlight.

Lining gives the curtain fabric more weight, which means they will hang better and be easier to open and close. 

Unlined curtains are ideal for summer as they provide protection from the sun’s rays but are light enough to let in some light and to let the air flow.

The beauty of linen is that it tends to come in neutral shades, such as cream, tan and ivory. This means it is less likely to fade and more likely to blend into the rest of the décor in a room.

@ELLEDECOR: “Sunlight will fade fabrics over time. If the room in question gets a lot of light, it's smart to avoid bright colors, since they tend to fade faster. Still, if you like to change out your rooms often, you can be less concerned with fading." 

Linen and its environmentally-friendly credentials

Linen is an excellent curtain fabric for many reasons. One of the most important is the fact that it is a lot more environmentally-friendly than most fabrics. That’s because it’s not only biodegradable, but the fabric itself has been produced from plant fibers and without the use of any chemicals. In other words, linen is what is known as a ‘natural’ fabric.

Reasons to choose linen for curtains

  • Linen drapes beautifully, especially if you have long windows. For a traditional look the linen curtains can be long enough so that they pool at the bottom onto the floor. This adds a touch of elegance to whatever room you decide to hang your linen curtains in.
  • Linen always improves with age. That’s because it becomes softer every time it is washed, with the result that the curtains actually look better as time goes on. You can dry clean your linen or hand wash it. In some cases, it’s also possible to pop it into the machine. 
  • Linen will not absorb heat so it will help your home stay cool during very warm weather. By the same token, its insulating properties mean it’s good for also keeping in the heat during winter.
  • Linen is even fine in a humid environment, and won’t pick up mildew.
Linen doesn’t cause allergies so it’s great for those with sensitive skin, in particular. That’s because it protects against dust mites - flax being an antifungal, bacteriostatic fiber. Bacteria simply can’t grow on the texture of linen fabric.



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