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Design A Perfect Table For Your Valentine Or Galentine
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Design A Perfect Table For Your Valentine Or Galentine

French Stripe Linen Napkins

While you show love to everyone around you in little ways every day, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of that love! And what better way to celebrate than to have a cute date night, host your best friends for an upscale dinner party or have family dinner with the ones you love most? Whether cooking up a sweet surprise, bringing in a caterer or ordering up your loved one’s favorite meals, setting a stunning table is the icing on the pink cupcake! Here are some easy tips to ensure your table is one that won’t soon be forgotten.

Color Scheme First: There are so many colors that can come together to create a romantic tablescape. Black and white with pink and red accents; Gold with deep reds or purples; silver and white. Before deciding on linens, florals and accents, narrowing down what type of Valentine’s Day vibe you’re going for is very important. Once the theme is picked, it’s time to start designing your tablescape!

Valentine's Day Table Setting

Focus on Florals: Creating a gorgeous floral centerpiece filled with all the colors of the day should be tops on the list. While roses seem to be the signature for the holiday (and you can find them in a variety of colors!), there are a plethora of different florals that can also make a statement on the table. Check with your local florist and see what is in season and how you can build a beautiful bouquet together. Or, choose to make a centerpiece from dried florals that you can use as a keepsake post-holiday!

Add candles: Bring a more elegant and romantic feel to the table by adding candles. If it’s only you and a partner, selecting long, colored tapers that can be added throughout is a must-do. Having friends? Mix and match tall, short, pillars and tealights. It will create the perfect mood for the evening. And, even if littles will be included, you can still attain a romantic vibe by using battery-operated LED tealights in colored holders.

Heavyweight Table Linen

Mixed mediums: This is where it gets fun! Now that your color scheme has been decided and centerpieces have been picked, it’s time to build your table! Choose your canvas - perhaps a blank slate like Solino’s Classic Hemstitch, or go bold with a stripe, check or gingham design. From there, mix in layers, like a table runner in a complementary color or linen napkins with a fun pattern. Use your imagination in order to make the table pop in the best way possible! (For more Valentine’s Day inspiration, click here!)

Personal touches galore: Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to go over-the-top for the ones you love! Creating personal menu cards with a special message for each attendee is a simple way to show you care, while also adding to the table’s design. Go a step further with personalized notes that everyone can open and read while dining. Or, choose a beloved photo of yourself and a guest as their seating marker. Then, decide what else you may want to add! Goodie bags with your guests favorite candy or Valentine’s Day themed games you can enjoy are also cute additions to the table, especially if including kids.



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