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Curtain Care: How To Select, Clean and Store Linen Curtains
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Curtain Care: How To Select, Clean and Store Linen Curtains

With their sheer textures, linen curtains add an airy touch, yet still provide a bit of coverage to filter out the strong rays of the sun (and nosy neighbors!). A flax plant-based material, linen is one of the strongest fabrics, while also being one of the most breathable. Looking to bring linen curtains home? Here’s how to care for them so they’ll last as long through the years.

Find your style

Linen Curtain Soft Grey

Selecting the right linen curtains to fit your space, be it your living room, family room or bedroom, is easy enough once you’ve answered a few questions. If you like the look of curtains pooling at the floor, be sure to add a couple of inches when you measure your windows. That way, you will have that subtle, dramatic effect, especially attractive on tall windows and rooms with high ceilings. Neutral tones are preferred as they will better resist the sun’s strong rays and add to the overall airy, natural look to the curtains. Finally, decide on how you’d like to hang your curtains. If you like the look of the curtain rod peeking out, be sure to look for linen curtains that hang by tabs rather than the more traditional cafe curtain-style that cinches itself over the rod.

Keep them Clean

Looking for an easy-to-care-for option? Be sure to select linen curtains that are machine washable, such as our Zoe Curtains which also feature a blend of cotton. The strong fibers that make up linens and linen blends are durable and will hold up to multiple washings. Just be sure to wash on a gentle cycle. It is perfectly fine to dry them out in the sun, in fact, after regular washings, linen gets softer to the touch. Ours can also be put in the dryer on the tumble dry cycle. Just be sure to never use bleach.

White Linen Curtain

Safe Keeping

When it comes time to pack up your linen curtains, give them a proper inspection to rule out any tears or debris that may be stuck to them. Then, be sure to wash and dry them thoroughly. Choose a breathable storage container, such as a paperboard box, to tuck them away in for the season. Wrapping them in tissue paper first is also a smart way to add a gentle layer of protection while they are hibernating for the winter.



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