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Craft Ice Is Having A Moment - Here’s How To Make It
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Craft Ice Is Having A Moment - Here’s How To Make It

You’ve seen it on TikTok, Instagram and all over recipe pages - craft ice is certainly having a moment. Whether you’re looking to create stunning cocktails or spice up the hydration station, using craft ice can make any drink look instantly better. Here are a few ideas for creating easy ice restocks 

Select Your Molds: First things first, think about what type of ice you want. Yes, that’s right! There are plenty of types of ice shapes and sizes that can satisfy any sipper and fit in any type of glass. Think about if you want to create small ice balls, regular sized ice cubes or go over-the-top with a large cocktail style cube. Then, be sure to factor in how often and for what purpose this ice is going to be used for and go from there. 

Making a punch for a party? Use a Bundt or fluted pan to make an ice mold ring filled with all of the flavors of the punch or use edible flowers or herbs for a unique look. The ice will melt slowly enough to keep the punch chilled, yet tasting robust, through the entire evening. 

Select Your Flavors: While this ice can be regular water-based ice, it doesn’t have to be. You can also choose to freeze up juices for a unique take on an orange juice mimosa, cranberry juice mimosa, or even a bellini. Just add an ice cube, fill with Prosecco and the ice will melt as you sip, keeping that juice to Prosecco ratio perfect every time!

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Coffee can also be frozen into ice coffee cubes, making it easier to keep that iced coffee as potent as possible. The last thing anyone needs is a world with watered-down coffee. Tea, too, can find a place amongst your ice re-stock, allowing you to brew up some ice tea in only a few moments. 

Choose Your Look: Ice restocks are only as limiting as your own imagination - OK, and of course what is edible/drinkable! Fruits, vegetables, herbs, florals and even edible glitter can be used to create a visual impact that will make any drinker happy - whether it’s an unannounced visitor that suddenly seems like a special touch was created just for them or an everyday sipper who is just looking for simple joy. 

Some of these ideas include:

  • Edible glitter for coffee ice cubes: Use gold or silver glitter to make coffee time even more fun. As the ice melts, the glitter swirls around the glass making your morning routine something to look forward to.
  • Fruits for water that is straight from the spa: Fill a large ice cube tray (or use long stick ice cubes for water bottles!) with lemon, orange or cucumber slices and freeze. Not only will your water look gorgeous, but it will taste good, too! You can also use berries as an option here, too.
  • Florals for cocktails: Want to make cocktails look delightful without changing the base flavor? This is where florals make perfect ice molds. Choose from a selection of edible flowers to add to the ice mold of your choice. Adding these cubes to the glass will give each drink a sophisticated look without introducing new flavors. 

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