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Bistro-Inspired Motifs Are Making Their Way To The Home — And The Table
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Bistro-Inspired Motifs Are Making Their Way To The Home — And The Table

There is something innately elevated about all things French. The cuisine, the fashion, the atmosphere — it’s all so romantic. Which is why, experts say, the classic bistro-style look is coming home. And, now you can bring the bistro look to the tablescape with everything from dishes and flatware to the linens. Think utensils, chargers, the trim on your dishes, and centerpieces.

What better to coordinate with the classic bistro style on the table than silver and gold? Think of silver and gold as an elevated neutral backdrop, allowing the precious colorways of the traditional bistro — the gold, black, white — to shine through. Indeed, it also allows for festive fun! Bringing in additional colors, like bright turquoise, as accent pieces, or tap mixed metal flatware to make both a style and color statement. 


Once you pick out your color theme, it’s time to set the scene. Use the linens, like tablecloths, runners, napkins, and placemats from the Athena collection to add pops of color to the silver and gold styling. Alternatively, if you already have colored dishes you can opt for linens that have metallic designs like the Dots collection or the Festive collection. These can play understudy to the tablescape, but do the important work of highlighting how stunning it is when it all comes together.

And, bring the theme throughout the home for a look that is polished and fresh. Unlike your everyday neutrals, silver and gold add a touch of shine and texture to your space and give it an air of sophistication. Feel free to mix and match your metals, and don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to things like mirrors, frames, or decorative tchotchkes.



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