Why is pure linen expensive?

Linen is a natural fiber made from the stalk of the flax plant. It is harvested by hand and its production is very time consuming.

How do you take care of linen?

Linen is very easy to handle. It can easily be machine/ hand washed or dry cleaned. Simply use a mild soap, lukewarm to cold water, avoid any bleach and ensure that it does not over dry. With each wash, linen will become softer and more absorbent furthering its beauty.

Is caring for linen expensive?

On the contrary, linen is a no fuss fabric. It needs no special soap or bleach. It can be machine washed and does not need dry cleaning. For the most part, linen does not even need ironing as the creases only add depth to its character.

Will I experience color run with Solino Home’s linen products?

All our products are tested before sales to ensure that the colors don’t run.

What is the shrinkage allowance?

As linen is woven from a natural fiber, each product may behave differently. Hence, you may allow for a shrinkage allowance of 3-5%.

Is pure linen durable?

Pure linen is extremely durable and ages beautifully. Moreover, its weave only becomes more lustrous and absorbent with age and simply cannot be replicated by any other fabric

Can shade variations occur?

As linen is a natural fabric, slight variations from batch to batch may occur. However, these should not be considered as imperfections as these subtle changes are only indicative of the differences in the natural fiber and only add to its beauty and character. At Solino Home, we do our best to ensure that these variations don’t occur in a collection. However, they could be seen specific to a batch.

Will I receive the same product as I see in the images?

Solino Home’s product images are taken with the highest quality to reflect every detail of each product. However, you may find subtle differences in the products in which the format of the raw materials/linen fibers and their manufacture affect the final results.

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