About Us

A strong believer in “only natural”, Solino Home is the preferred destination for all your home textiles in the world of pure linen. Design, functionality and colors excite us and every product at Solino Home is conceptualized and crafted with great care. We pride ourselves on offering a palette of colors that are not usually available in pure linen. We work closely with home designers and architects to create and inspire pure linen for modern living.

Why Linen

We believe in linen because it’s a natural fabric. It is elegant, understated and breathable. Linen is one of the world’s oldest textiles woven from the fibers of the flax plant and is soft and extremely durable. The Egyptians used linen in clothing over 4000 years ago while the Vikings, the Russians and Medieval Europeans used it for just about everything under the sun including sails! The secret is linen only gets better with age! The more it ages, the more fluid and lustrous its drape becomes. Linen is incomplete without its wrinkles which add depth to its character. This makes it perfect for napkins, tablecloths, sheets, curtains etc.

Linen is often confused with being high maintenance. At Solino Home, we want to challenge this mindset by crafting pure linen that is functional, elegant, glamorous and extremely easy and cost effective to maintain.

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